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A song about a man who's finding difficulty accepting that his woman has moved on with another man after he loses her due to years of taking her for granted.


A graphic novel based on this song is available on Amazon entitled, 

"The Things A Man's Supposed To Do: A Conversational Menage' A Trois."


The audiobook written & narrated by Chas Bronxson & Gia'na Garel

This Action-audiobook is now available exclusively here.


The EP Single, The Thing's A Man's Supposed To Do is now available worldwide...




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Video produced by Chas Bronxson Directed by Ricardo T. Datts, II Cinematography by 360 Digital Studios, LLC Edited by Ricardo T. Datts & Chas Bronxson Color correction provided by Gia'na Garel

About Chas

Never one to be limited in range, as a composer Chas Bronxson has taken the depths of R&B and plunged it into vibes moving listeners from Afro-Latin to Hip-Hop and Jazz rhythms. His music has been called positive and informative and audiences can expect more in the lineup to come but many fans are asking... what's new?

2019 finds Bronxson not only combing his catalog for timeless tracks for his rerelease exclusives; he has crafted fresh sounds out of classic and original R&B. New songs in his forthcoming collection have a more intimate feel that sheds light on everything from relationships and romance, to socio-cultural topics, all set to riveting beats and orchestration. As an arranger, his vocals and chords bring out the influences of classic R&B and soul sounds.

Coming out of the studio, having produced numerous songs for both others and himself; Bronxson is now set to engage his audiences up close and personal with live performances and even workshops and tours.

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Group H.U.G.S. Artwork.jpg

Bronxson's single and video releases include songs made for the debut of his Group H.U.G.S. album which includes the title track paying tribute to all the R&B groups from the 1940's-2000's-offering Bronxson's dexterous vocal arrangements into 5-second clips of numerous group's songs.

The single, "Group H.U.G.S." reached #8 on the DRT Top 150 Independent Chart and #53 on the Global Top 200. Meanwhile the track, "R.I.P." (Radio's Incomparable Personalities) written as a Group H.U.G.S. Part 2; pays homage to disc jockeys and on-air personalities (a dead art form, hence R.I.P.).

As well, offering impactful information under brilliantly composed rhymes and harmonies; P.R.E.T.EX.T. hits hard on the topic of the appropriation of Black music by white artists.

In the media, Bronxson has appeared on author Audrey Chapman's radio show at Howard University's WHUR in 2003. In 2005, he was featured on The Michael Baisden Show with his music video entitled "Let Daddy Explain" as the topic of discussion.

Within two years, he was back on Baisden's TV Show as a commentator in a Q&A with actor Malik Yoba. Bronxson also produced 19 songs for Baisden's as-yet-unreleased, The Maintenance Man movie. That same year, he took his writer/editor talents to the world of print publishing while editing an edition of Don Diva Magazine. In 2017, Bronxson co-produced the Tariq Nasheed documentary entitled, 1804, about the Haitian Revolution (on Amazon) and was also launching in his music label's newest projects. 

An exclusive "one-on-one" interview between Chas Bronxson curator and Chas Bronxson the artist. Details on the making of the Group H.U.G.S. album and accompanying music videos.

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